Private Paired Cigar & Wine Dinners w/CRUSH of Seattle

A sensational bi-annual collaboration between Vertigo Club Owner Bill Daly and James Beard Award Winning Chef, Jason Wilson of CRUSH. A carefully paired multi-course cigar & wine dinner experience that is created to cater to the palate of the sophisticated Cigar, Wine, & Fine Dining enthusiast!

The Vertigo Club and CRUSH have made culinary history in Seattle!  We are the first to offer these types of intentionally paired Cigar & Wine Dinners to Cigar Aficionados locally.

Here’s the idea:  What if rather than haphazardly pairing a cigar with dinner,  you actually built a course AROUND each of the cigars?  Chef Jason Wilson, Owner of CRUSH and recipient of the prestigious 2010 James Beard Award for “Best Chef In The Northwest”, carefully designs an extraordinary, customized 6-Course menu around cigars thoughtfully selected for the occasion.  Each course is specifically and purposefully created by Chef Wilson to enhance, compliment, and highlight each of the cigars’ unique flavor characteristics.

To round out these sumptuous meals, a very thoughtful selection of fine wines is carefully chosen by Chef Jason Wilson to bring  together both the food and the cigars in complete harmony and balance for the ultimate in cigar and dining pleasure.

We all know that cigars change in flavor, character, and strength as they are being enjoyed.  Some begin strong and then mellow out while some of the muted flavors become known towards the end, some start mild but end with a full-bodied but one-dimensional conclusion, yet others still maintain a consistent strength profile but vary wildly in their flavor complexity throughout the smoke.  In this spirit, Chef Jason Wilson and Bill Daly do something slightly different with the cigar portion of these collaborations: rather than start a new cigar for each new course as had been done in the previous Vertigo Club & CRUSH Dinners, we now allow each cigar to “bridge” 2 courses so as to allow for changes in the cigar to become more evident as they’re being enjoyed.

These collaborations are legendary; see for yourself when you become a Member of The Vertigo Club!